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Worried Whether You Have Breast Cancer or Not? Read This

Even though breast cancer has become common, not many women are aware of it. This sounds scary but it is true. Most of the women do not even have an idea that they are or might be suffering from this problem. This lack of knowledge can push them towards something really bad because 1 out of 38 women die due to breast cancer each year. Now you understand how scary and deadly breast cancer can be if a person does not know much about it.

But do not worry because we have listed a few common signs and symptoms of breast cancer. And you should not ignore it this time. Also, if you can relate to any of these signs, don’t forget to get breast surgery Nicosia from a trusted surgeon.

Change in skin texture: If you are dealing with breast cancer, you will notice a change in skin texture near your breast. To be more specific, there will be scaly skin and skin thickening in many parts near the breast.

Nipple discharge: Another change that you will see is nipple discharge. Now, this thing might differ from person to person. And the color of the discharge might also vary from yellow, green, milky to red.

Breast or nipple pain: If you ever experience a sudden breast or nipple pain, do not ignore it because it might indicate that you have breast cancer. Yes, of course, breast cancer is often painless but these are also a sign of cancer. Thus, you should take the necessary steps.

Swelling: If you notice swelling near the breast, you are recommended to go to a good doctor as soon as possible.

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