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American Breast Center

Get the Best Breast Treatment from American Breast Center

When you want to make sure that you get the best results, you have to go to the best service providers. If you want to get any kind of breast-related treatment, you should get in touch with the American Breast Center. It is a reliable name that can help you get the best breast-related treatment and care. From breast surgery Cyprus to mastectomy and breast reconstruction, mammography and even breast ultrasound, they have all that you could possibly need. 


Other than the wide range of treatment options available, they have a very reliable staff that can help you get the best results. The American Breast Center was established by the American Medical Center to offer a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to ailments related to the breast. When you visit the center, you will notice that they offer complete care as well as counseling. From diagnosis till the medical procedure is performed and even for follow up and care after the treatment, they will always be available for help and guidance to you. Some of the treatments and procedures that they can perform with their cutting-edge equipment and skilled staff include:

1. Digital Mammography

2. Magnetic Mammography

3. Breast Ultrasound

4. Surgical Treatment

5. Oncoplastic, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

6. Pathology Procedures

7. Chemotherapy 

8. Specialized Physiotherapy

So, if you have any kind of breast-related problem or would like to rule out the possibility or even gather information, you can head straight to the American Breast Center. 

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