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Once a girl hits puberty, her body undergoes many changes but starting the menstruation cycle and growth of the breasts are the most significant changes of all. But hectic work life and managing the house makes women put their health on the sideline. This attitude does take a toll on their health and it manifests in the form of health disorders. Out of the all types of health disorders, women are most affected by breast cancer. Finding breast cancer in its early stages by scans like mammography Nicosia can benefit women in getting the best medical treatment.

This article does not want you to panic but rather be informed on how it can be detected. If in a mammogram, your doctor finds suspicious lumps in your breast, he/she might suggest for breast biopsy Nicosia. If found to be cancerous then you will have a multidisciplinary team of doctors at your disposal that will help you in care and counseling along with the treatment. Treatment for breast cancer will depend on the subtype of the tumor, genomic markers, and stage of the tumor, age of the patient and the patient’s general health, status of the menstruation cycles and detection of mutations. To receive such a top-notch diagnosis and treatment for such a serious condition, it is important that you opt for a medical center that has all the latest medical technology and treatment options.

If you are a woman living in Cyprus, you might want to use the online platform Know Your Doctor. It has a comprehensive database of all the doctors and medical centers in Cyprus who specialize in different specialties. Know Your Doctor suggests American Breast Center that specializes in the breast cancer treatment and uses an extensive team of doctors and the modern medical technology to give the treatment that you need in such a condition. You can find all the information about them on Know Your Doctor platform. In addition to doctors, Know Your Doctor also tells you about the nearest pharmacies to buy your medicines. To access the platform, you need to sign up as a visitor with all your details and then narrow down your search based on the region and the type of doctor you need. Once you get treated, you can come back to the platform and give a feedback to help other people get the best medical treatment.

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Know Your Doctor is an online platform that helps you find the right doctor or a medical centre like American Breast Center Nicosia.

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